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Graduate Diploma in Science

The GradDipSc. diploma is aimed at students who already have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent (in any subject), but who now wish to study Computer Science. It is also suitable for students who are considering studying for a Masters degree, but wish to first refresh their Computer Science knowledge.

The GradDipSc. programme is made up of 100, 200 and 300 level courses as approved by the Head of Department. These courses are selected from our regular undergraduate courses.

The programme of study is equivalent to a full-time load for one year, but because of the pre-requisite structure, it normally needs to be taken part-time over three years. Students who have already done programming and algorithms as part of another degree may be able to reduce this to two part-time years. Few students will have a suitable background to complete it in one full-time year, so it is best suited for someone who is working part time.

  • For someone with little computing background, it would take three part-time years to complete 100, 200 and 300-level courses respectively.
  • For someone who has done a lot of programming (preferably in Java or C), it is usually possible to complete the course in about two years part-time.
  • If you have done a lot of computer science (not just programming), perhaps as part of another degree, then it may be possible to complete the course in one to one-and-a-half full-time years.

Students achieving an A or B average in the GradDipSc. are able to enrol for a Masters degree.

Domestic students can find out about enrolment and fees from the enrolment web page. International students can find the relevant information from the international students' web page. Students will need to arrange for an interview with the Head of Department to plan a diploma to suit their background.

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