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CSSE Seminar Series (CSSESS)

Seminars are presented at least once a week during the academic year, by staff, students and visitors to the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Seminars Information

Please send an email to the CSSE seminar organizer (Dr. Dong-Seong "Dan" Kim)(Email: dongseong DOT kim AT canterbury DOT ac DOT nz) to arrange a seminar. We will be using two available slots in Semester 1, 2017: to be decided soon.

Upcoming Seminars

Abstracts of seminars listed below are presented on the page linked to the title of a particular seminar.

Time/Date Speaker Talk Title Location
10am, Tue., 28 February 2017
Prof. Carsten Felden
From Self Service Discovery, Data Preparation to Data Story Telling: the Swiss Army End User
Erskine 315

Past Seminars in 2016

Time/Date Speaker Talk Title Location
10am, 16 Feb., 2016
Prof. Shimon Schocken
From Nand to Tetris: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles
Erskine 315
3pm, 8 Mar., 2016
Philipp Diebold
Agile Capability Analysis - How to select the right degree of "Agility"
Erskine 315
4pm, 17 Mar., 2016
Jakob Eriksson
Tracking your every move - today and tomorrow
Erskine 315
2pm, 31 Mar., 2016
Tanja Mitrovic and Moffat Mathews
Computer-based post-stroke rehabilitation of prospective memory
Erskine 315
9am, 26 April, 2016
Musibau Ibrahim
Multifractal Techniques for Image Analysis and Classification with Applications to Emphysema Databases
Erskine 315
3pm, 3 May, 2016
Tim Bell
Gradescope: Gamify your exam marking!
Erskine 315
2pm, 9 June, 2016
Jalel Ben-Othman
DoS in VANETs an issue or a fatality?
Erskine 315
10:15am, 13 June, 2016
Amir Moravejosharieh
PhD oral exam: Mitigating the Impact of Mutual Interference in IEEE 802.15.4-based Wireless Body Sensor Networks
Erskine 121
1pm, 2 August, 2016
Christian Esposito
Reliable and Timely Event Notification over Wide Area Networks
Erskine 315
1pm, 16 August, 2016
David Bowes (Erskine visitor)
When is a Software Defect not a Defect?
Erskine 315
1pm, 6 October, 2016
Paul Wagner
Developing New Relational Database Operators for Complex Data Analysis
Erskine 111
10am, 22 November, 2016
Prof. Paul Tymann
The Changing Face of Computing Education
Erskine 315
2pm, 25 November, 2016
Prof. Jun Wang
The State of the Art of Neurodynamic Optimization: Past, Present, and Prospect
Erskine 315
11am, 2 December, 2016
Prof. Phuoc Tran-Gia and Valentin Burger
Network Virtualization and performance issues
Erskine 315

Seminars in 2015

Time/Date Speaker Talk Title Location
10am, 28 Jan., 2015
Jonas Harbering
Planning the Public Transport from an Optimization Point of View
Erskine 242
10am, 29 Jan., 2015
Benedict Herzog
Forward Error Correction in Wireless Sensor Networks
Erskine 242
10am, 4 Feb., 2015
Sönke Behrends
Minimization of a polynomial over the integers
Erskine 242
10:30am-noon, 11 Feb., 2015
Michael Goldweber
Techniques for Incorporating the Social Value of Computing into your Courses
Erskine 242
10am, Tue., 3 March., 2015
Clemens Thielen
Optimization Problems with Minimum Quantity Constraints
Erskine 315
10am, Thu., 5 March., 2015
Atefeh Ahmadi
TARLAN: A Simulation Game to Improve Social Problem-Solving Skill of ADHD Children
Erskine 315
11am, Fri., 6 March., 2015
Gottfried Vossen
Big Data and Future IS Architectures
Erskine 315
10am, Tue., 10 March., 2015
Jin B. Hong
Scalable and Adaptable Security Modeling and Analysis
Erskine 315
10am, Wed., 11 March., 2015
Tanja Mitrovic
Investigating the benefits of worked examples in a constraint-based tutor
Erskine 315
10am, Tue., 17 March., 2015
Sabine Buettner
Dealing with the Weather - The Canadian Tour Operator Problem on Paths
Erskine 315
11am, Fri., 17 April., 2015
Yoshiaki Kakuda
Unified Design and Evaluation Methodologies for Assurance Networks and Self-Organized Autonomous Clustering Technologies for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Erskine 315
10am, Fri., 7 August, 2015
Caitlin Duncan
Computer Science and Programming in New Zealand Primary Schools
Erskine 315
10am, Fri., 14 August, 2015
Marian George
Objects in Context for Scene Understanding
Erskine 315
4pm, Mon., 17 August, 2015
Ying-Dar Lin
Software Defined Networking: The 2nd Wave of Cloud Computing
Erskine 241
10am, Fri., 21 August, 2015
Dominic Roberts
Simplifying the Path from Model Definition to Numeric Simulation
Erskine 315
10am, Fri., 11 September, 2015
Paul J. Wagner
Extending Database Management Systems by Developing New Database Operators
Erskine 315
10am, Fri., 25 September, 2015
James Atlas
Engaging students and community partners in computer science through service learning
Erskine 315
10am, Fri., 16 October, 2015
Brent Martin
Harnessing student power: crowdsourcing a greenhouse gas reduction predictor with computer science students using ensemble libraries
Erskine 315
10am, Fri., 23 October, 2015
David J. Lilja
Designing Tomorrow?ڳ Processors with Yesterday?ڳ Benchmark Programs: How Hard Can It Be?
Erskine 315
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