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Andrew Curtis-Black

Properly employed, engineering is the intersection between technology and the liberal arts.

Andrew is studying towards a PhD degree under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Willig and Dr. Matthias Galster within the Software Engineering Research and Applications (SERA) Lab. His thesis is titled "An Enterprise Policy Description Framework for Software-Defined Networking".

Research Interests

The widespread sharing of information enabled by the internet has defined many of the societal changes of our time. The nascent field of software defined networking represents a chance to redefine the way we transmit that information, touching on issues such as privacy, security, efficiency, interaction design, machine learning and scalability. While I am currently working in the area of software defined networking my research interests remain broad. I am excited by the cross-application of different areas of research; reapplying knowledge gained in one area for the furthering of another. I love to see research fulfilled through application, and in particular I aspire to apply the discipline of engineering as an art. The expression of human creative skill through science yields the most valuable, humane and worthwhile forms of technology.

Personal Interests

I am an avid reader and a lapsed musician. I take a keen interest in the latest developments in technology as well as the changes in the global sociopolitical landscape; institutions which are inextricably linked. I hope one day to apply my knowledge and interests to a worthwhile purpose.

Professional History

I had the pleasure of interning at AdScale GmbH and Tait Communications in Christchurch in 2013 and 2014, respectively. I have also worked as a tutor at UC since 2014. The surprising variation in the challenges posed by these positions is part of the reason I remain personally affirmed of my choice of profession.

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